The Newsletter of the Alpine Network of Protected Areas N°75 - July 2020

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N° 75 | July 2020 NEWS  CALENDAR

Dear Friends and Colleagues all over the Alps,

None of us would have imagined at the beginning of the year how the next months would develop and that the health situation would request us to stay home and reduce our physical mobility patterns as much as possible. In between severe quarantine as for Italy, France and Slovenia and more flexible security measures as have been taken in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, the need for going outside into nature and find contemplation in a calm and sound environment became prevailing.  Indeed, several protected areas found themselves confronted with the need to raise awareness on correct behavior in the mountains. Biodiversity conservation and intact habitats help keeping our environment safe not only for coming generations but also for the generations to live now. In this sense we’ll continue to engage ourselves to support our protected areas in different projects and activities. Please enjoy reading our latest newsletter and have a lovely summer.

All the best,

The ALPARC team


Youth at the Top 2020 - get together of young people from all over the Alps

The 6th edition of the international event Youth at the Top takes place from July 16th– September 30th, 2020. It is organized through local events that take place simultaneously in different countries across the Alps and Carpathians. It has a highly...Read More

HEALPS2: Alpine Health Resources as a major asset for developing sustainable tourism in the Alpine Region

The current Covid 19 crisis led to an increasing importance and popularity of health, nature and regional holidays. This changing paradigm provides a favourable context for the project HEALPS2 which aspires to position the Alpine Space as an innovative...Read More

LUIGI - Linking Urban and Inner-Alpine Green Infrastructure - Multifunctional Ecosystem Services for more liveable territories

Orchard meadows, like they occur for example in the Regional Nature Park Massif des Bauges, can be key elements when building a coherent and well-designed Green Infrastructure (GI) network. Often located in peri urban areas, they can constitute an interesting...Read More

Alpine Parks 2030 – the future of nature protection in the Alps

ALPARC is currently working on a project dealing with the future of alpine protected areas at the horizon 2030. The goal is to identify gaps in the system of spatial protection, both concerning its representativity of wildlife and biodiversity and its...Read More

OpenSpaceAlps – keep the Alps attractive for the generations to come

OpenSpaceAlps is one of fifteen projects approved in the frame of Call 4 of the Interreg Alpine Space programme. It brings together seven partners from Austria, France, Germany, Italy and Slovenia to work on the topic of near-natural open spaces in the...Read More

ALPARC at the IUCN World Conservation Congress 2021

ALPARC is officially taking part to the IUCN World Conservation Congress 2021 in Marseille (FR), next January 7th - 15th, in cooperation with the Swiss National Park.
The congress has been postponed from June 2020 to January...Read More

Online congress: Diversity no waste - sustainable lessons from the Corona crisis August 25th
Adaptation de nos espaces naturels de montagne face aux changements climatiques November 12th
The Future of Outdoor Sports – Between Climate Change, Sustainable Development and Crisis Management November 16th -17th
AlpWeek Youth & Climate How can young people in the Alps be involved in shaping their future? December 9th-10th

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