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Common communication activities, different publications and animation of European projects by meetings of working groups have intensely occupied the team of Task Force Protected Areas in the last months. A major contribution to the work of the Alpine Convention, particularly in regard to the platform “Ecological Network”, has been one of the most significant elements of our activity.
A preponderant place is taken in by the coordination of activities of the pilot regions within the project ECONNECT and by a reflection on the role of protected areas in the fight against global warming, which is an important component of ALPARC’s work during the period 2009-2010.

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News from the network ALPARC


International conference "Alpine Ecological Network": registration now open!


Today the effects of climate change are also obvious in the protected areas and the phenomenon is accelerated in the Alps compared to other European regions. (...)


First edition of eco.mont


On the initiative of ISCAR and ALPARC a new research journal on the protected mountain areas, published by the Austrian Academy of Sciences, IGF and Innsbruck University, was issued in June 2009. (...)



Results of the workshop "Joint Communication and Environmental Education"


The working group "Joint Communication" of ALPARC met on the 4th and 5th of June 2009 in the Les Ecrins National Park (France). Since 2009 this working group has enlarged its theme to "Mountain Environment Education". (...)


Research of best practices in touristic diversification


After an intense two years’ dedication on mobility issues, the working group "Sustainable tourism, cultural heritage and soft mobility" of ALPARC restarts its initiatives on a tourism topic, precisely on the touristic diversification in the Alps, linked to the question of the climate change. (...)


Results of the workshop "Large carnivores" and thematic seminar of the 14th Danilo Re Trophy


A special edition of the newsletter of the Adamello Brenta Nature Park in Italy was entirely dedicated to the workshop results of the working group "Large carnivores" and to the thematic meeting of the 14th Danilo Re Trophy, which took place in Mittersill/Austria in March 2009. (...)

News from the protected areas


The Dolomites join the UNESCO list of world heritage sites


At the 33rd meeting of the World Heritage Committee held in Seville at the end of June 2009, the Committee voted to approve the application from the Dolomites. (...)


Bearded vulture releases in the Alps


To mark World Environment Day on 5 June 2009, releases were made in two Alpine parks: one at Mallnitz in the Hohe Tauern National Park (Austria) and the other at Vignols in the Mercantour National Park (France), the latter attended by Prince Albert II of Monaco. (...)

News from the Alps


Call for participation in Phenoclim


Phenoclim builds a collective scientific and educational observation network about climate change in the Alps.
In autumn 2004, the Research Center on Alpine Ecosystems (CREA) launched the program "Phenoclim" for schools, NGOs, individuals and protected areas of all the Alps. (...)


The Alps: Eight countries, a single territory


This book counting 157 pages was recently published in the four Alpine languages and in English by the Permanent Secretary of the Alpine Convention. (...)

International news


In between the Alps and the Carpathians: the management of the large carnivores is interrogated


The international colloquium about the management of the large carnivores is approaching and together with it the publication of a new brochure about these emblematic animals of the two neighbouring massifs. (...)



  News from the network ALPARC
  News from the protected areas
  News from the Alps
  International news


  17/09/2009 to 19/09/2009  Kaprun, Nationalpark Hohe Tauern
    4th International Symposium on research in protected areas
  01/10/2009 to 03/10/2009  Zernez
    2nd GIS Workshop within the Alpine Network of Protected Areas
  15/10/2009 to 16/10/2009  Berchtesgaden
    International conference "Alpine ecological network"
  04/11/2009 to 06/11/2009  Grenoble
    International Workshop of the Project ECONNECT
  19/01/2010 to 22/01/2010  Scuol
    15th Danilo Re Trophy
  20/10/2010 to 23/10/2010  Zernez
    VII. General Assembly and International Conference of the network ALPARC

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The itinerary exhibition "Return of Wilderness" is available for the remaining time in 2009. Fore more information click here

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