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We are happy to announce that our new brochure on large carnivores has been published, which mainly deals with the protection of the bear, wolf and lynx in the Alps and Carpathians. Furthermore, our activities in respect of the ECONNECT project have been intensified during the last trimester: An additional person specifically joined our team in order to work on this project.
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News from the network ALPARC


15th-16th October 2009: International Conference in Berchtesgaden / Germany


The alpine ecological network will have to play an important role in the years to come. The global warming of the planet entails important changes for species and habitats with a real risk of biodiversity loss. (...)



Good proceedings of Econnect


The first meetings of the pilot regions took place during 2009 with already encouraging results concerning the definition of data needs, the importance linked to legal aspects and the choice of species within the ecological network. (...)



New faces at the Task Force Protected Areas


The Task Force Protected Areas, attached to the Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention, efficiently pursues its concerted actions with the professionals of the alpine network and the large public in order to implement the article 12 of the protocol "Nature conservation and landscape management" of the Alpine Convention. To reach these aims, the coordination team is again complete with three additional colleagues in its office in Chambéry / France. (...)



Visit of the State Secretary of the German Ministry of Environment in the French protected areas


The Task Force Protected Areas had the honour to welcome the State Secretary of the German Ministry of Environment, Mr. Michael Müller, in the French protected areas of the Alps. From 27th - 30th July 2009 he visited Chambéry, the Vanoise National Park, the Ecrins National Park and the Chartreuse Nature Regional Park. (...)


News from the protected areas


Summit conference of international researchers of protected areas in Kaprun / Austria


More than 170 professionals, practitioners and students coming from 12 nations participated in the “4th Symposium of the Hohe Tauern National Park for Research in, for and about Protected Areas”, which took place at the Kaprun Castle, Salzburg / Austria from 17th – 19th September 2009. (...)


ViViAlp is approaching Italy


A new ViViAlp station has been installed in the Gran Paradiso National Park in Italy. The inauguration of this new equipment took place in the visitors’ centre of Cogne on Monday, 10th August 2009. (...)

News from the Alps


Expansion of the landscape of Swiss parks


The 28th August 2009 was a red-letter day for the Swiss parks network. The Federal Office for the Environment granted 8 out of 9 requests for the creation of parks and acknowledged two new parks as “Park of national importance”. Hence, the landscape of Swiss parks continuously takes on better forms. (...)


News from the Platform „Ecological network“


The new French presidency will carry on the activities of the Platform (...)

International news


A new thematic brochure of ALPARC


For the first time the thematic brochure of ALPARC extends its field of action also beyond the Alps. Due to the subject "Large carnivores in the protected areas" the tight cooperation with the Carpathian massif was practically indispensable. (...)


For a better management and preservation of large carnivores


In order to improve the preservation of large carnivores in the Alps and the Carpathians, the international colloquium "Large carnivores: management, research and public relation strategies of the protected areas" was organised in the Nizke Tatry National Park in Slovakia from 2nd - 4th July 2009. (...)



  News from the network ALPARC
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  15/10/2009 to 16/10/2009  Berchtesgaden
    International conference "Alpine ecological network"
  28/10/2009 to 29/10/2009  Brdo pri Kranju
    41st meeting of the Permanent Committee of the Alpine Conference
  04/11/2009 to 06/11/2009  Grenoble
    International Workshop of the Project ECONNECT
  19/01/2010 to 22/01/2010  Scuol
    15th Danilo Re Trophy
  20/10/2010 to 23/10/2010  Zernez
    VII. General Assembly and International Conference of the network ALPARC

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