Nr 41 - January 2012

Dear colleagues of the alpine protected areas,
ALPARC 1995 - 2012: it is now almost 17 years that the international cooperation between the Alpine protected areas exists and that a real network of support, joint projects, communication and spatial links was established and continues to grow. 17 years is almost the age of majority and it is time that ALPARC gets legally structured to be even more effective and, especially to be at the service of managers of protected areas.
At the end of this year, in September 2012, the association ALPARC will be created, formalizing the wide family of Alpine protected areas to further strengthen our work together in the Alps.

Check out also the latest special edition of the newsletter on this subject.

In the meantime, I am pleased to wish you all a year filled with personal and professional success and, above all, health and energy!
Guido Plassmann, Director

News from the network ALPARC


The Agenda 2012 of the ALPARC Network

We are pleased to provide you here a first list of events organized or co-organized by ALPARC and important dates to remember in 2012. (...)


17 ° Memorial "Danilo Re" 2012: the results


It's already 17 years that rangers of protected areas from the Alps meet up every year to commemorate the death of one of their colleagues, Danilo Re, who died in service. This event represents an opportunity to exchange, to meet, to consider partnership projects... or just to feel "united": together for the Alps! (...)


Two new editions from ALPARC

ALPARC invites you to discover or rediscover its latest publications. (...)


Excursion Vorarlberg 2011


Local anchoring of actions

The triple crisis - ecologically, economically and socially - running through our society, causes concrete utopias, which overtake dreams and speeches to anchor in the action... (...)


Call for testimonials!

A guest book on Alparc’s website gathers the first testimonials. We appeal to you: tell us of your experience with Alparc (...)


New tasks ahead: Mountain protected areas in Europe must seek for an active role in regional development


During an international workshop held in the Chartreuse Regional Park (France) from 13-15 October 2011, more than 30 experts from science and parks management across Europe discussed the role of mountain protected areas in regional development. (...)


A protected area in the spotlight


The Adamello Park


The Adamello Park covers an area of about 510 square kilometres on the Lombard side of the Adamello massif and along the valleys that descend from it as far as the Oglio river in Valle Camonica in the Province of Brescia. (...)

News from the protected areas


Naturalistic engineering works in the Écrins

This is not the first project that the services of mountain land restoration (RTM) are carrying out in the torrent of Beranger, in the Ecrins National Park / F. (...)


Park branding and the protected areas

Every protected area has an emblem (logo) which it uses to identify the documents, infrastructure and services that it provides. Third parties are often authorised to use the logo as part of the park brand. This serves to (...)


Global and Climate Change in Mountain Sites (GLOCHAMOST)

GLOCHAMOST is the follow-up initiative of UNESCO-MAB to the GLOCHAMORE Project, which has been set up in 2003. (...)


The Austrian national parks close ranks

The first general meeting of the newly founded association “Nationalpark Austria ” took place in the Austrian Thayatal National Park. (...)

News from the Alps


Youth summit on climate issues in Entlebuch


"My clime-mate" is an international exchange programme that is part of the dynAlp-climate project, which is focussed on climate issues. The programme is the brainchild of the "Alliance in Alps" network of local authorities and "Youth in Action", which also fund the project.
The programme brings together young people (...)


“Some bearded vultures and some men”: the DVD

The DVD film “Some bearded vultures and some men” directed by Mathieu Le Lay is finally available. (...)


New publication: Lessons learned from 20 years of sustainable development in the Alps


“The Alps. From Rio 1992 to 2012 and beyond: 20 years of Sustainable Mountain Development. What have we learnt and where should we go?”. The report from M. Price et al. proposes some answers to these interrogations, focusing on the role of networks such as ALPARC for the development of mountain areas. (...)

International news


mountain.TRIP European Mountain Research Communication

mountain.TRIP translates research findings into useful and accessible information for practitioners and develops relationships between users and researchers. (...)


Federal Environment Minister Röttgen opens UN Decade on Biodiversity 2011-2020: Conservation of biological diversity is an investment in the future


In Berlin today Federal Environment Minister Norbert Röttgen officially opened the UN Decade on Biodiversity. "The current financial crisis entails the danger of thinking that nature conservation is not affordable in times of crisis. In fact, the opposite is true.“ He launched a competition to find the best decade projects. Applications can be submitted from today. (...)



  News from the network ALPARC
  A protected area in the spotlight
  News from the protected areas
  News from the Alps
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  06/09/2012 to 07/09/2012  Val Poschiavo
    8th General Assembly of the Alpine Network of Protected Areas (ALPARC)
  05/09/2012 to 08/09/2012  Valposchiavo
    AlpWeek 2012: Renewable Alps
  17/10/2012 to 19/10/2012  BIOS-center, Mallnitz
    2nd International Workshop "Mountain Environmental Education in Alpine Protected Areas"

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Call for testimonials!

A guest book, on Alparc’s website gathers the first testimonials.

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