Nr 49 - December 2013

Dear colleagues and friends of the alpine protected areas,

I wish all the members of ALPARC and all the colleagues from the alpine protected areas Happy Holidays. May you spend a peaceful and joyful time with your loved ones. I hope the year 2014 brings us all good health, but above all strength and courage to successfully meet new challenges in the spirit of our motto “Together for the Alps”. (...)

Dr. Michael VOGEL

President of ALPARC

Nouvelles du réseau ALPARC


ALPARC's president wishes for 2014

[...] The first year of activity of the “ALPARC” association is drawing to an end.
As of January 1, 2014 our team - the “Task Force Protected Areas” - along with any tangible and intangible assets, will be transferred from the Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention to our association, ALPARC. (...)


ALPARC - Rapport d’activités 2013

Le rapport d’activités d’ALPARC pour l’année 2013 est désormais disponible sur notre site Internet. (...)


ALPARC – 2014 General Assembly

The general assembly of the new ALPARC association, set up in January 2013, will take place on January 10, 2014 in Pinzolo (Italy). (...)


The partners of the project discuss the first results

The greenAlps project, of which ALPARC is the lead partner, is on. The first results of the activities that started in September, have been the object of a meeting among the project partners that took place in Vienna in early December. (...)


The Agenda 2014 of the ALPARC Network

We are pleased to provide you here a first list of events organized or co-organized by ALPARC and important dates to remember in 2014. (...)


New postcards

The ALPARC’s postcard collection illustrating the protected areas of the ALPARC network is increasing every year. In 2013, the Nockberge Biosphere Park (Austria) and the Nagelfluhkette Nature Park (Germany/Austria) joined the collection: (...)



  Nouvelles du réseau ALPARC


  10/01/2014  Strembo
    2nd General Assembly ALPARC
  09/01/2014 to 12/01/2014  Strembo
    Danilo Re 19th Memorial
  17/01/2014  Bern
    SWIFCOB 14
  17/09/2014 to 19/09/2014  Darfo Boario Terme (Val Camonica)
    ForumAlpinum 2014

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