HEALPS2 Video Clips


This first video will introduce you to the Interreg Alpine Space project HEALPS2 and present you the healing resources, main objectives and the approach which aims at positioning the Alpine Space as a globally attractive healing region.






Health Tourism Scenario Tool for Destination Managers

The powerful scenario tool helps destination managers to analyse and optimize the health tourism potential of their region. The tool matches the needs and expectations of guests with the natural resource profile of a destination. This allows for the creation of added value in terms of public health & regional prosperity.






HEALPS2 Online Training Toolkit for Alpine destination managers of health tourism

The Training Toolkit on Innovation Model and Tactical Toolset consists in a toolkit that provides fundamental hands-on tools and manuals, including a train-the-trainer approach, for the continuous application of the Tactical Toolset (OT2.1) and the Innovation Model (OT2.2) by all involved stakeholders for the development of high-quality tourism products.







Join the HEALPS2 community of health tourism in the Alps: and make use of our project outputs, especially our Alpine Health Action Plan. The Alpine Health Tourism Action Plan represents a strategy for the positioning of the Alpine Space as a health tourism destination containing comprehensive innovation approaches for deriving greater values from Alpine assets as well as policy recommendations for support schemes. It also set the basis for a white paper containing policy recommendations for support schemes targeting three EU policy levels.!

ALPARC - La Rete delle Aree Protette Alpine

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