Implement measures to improve ecological connectivity – hints for local actors!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

 The Ecological Continuum Initiative has published a new series of fact sheets for local stakeholders in German, French and Italian language that are now available online.

The fact sheets are not only informative brochures; their main objective is to put the ideas into action. This is why their target group are the stakeholders, who directly implement ecological networks (e.g. from the ECONNECT pilot regions).

The series of these ten fact sheets covers the most important fields of work, where connectivity measures should be implemented: agriculture, forestry, water management, hunting and fishing, spatial planning, transports, nature protection, tourism, municipalities, and other important players in the establishment of ecological networks.

Each fact sheet will explain the importance from its perspective, regarding ecological connectivity and list concrete measures that stakeholders will be encouraged to implement. Furthermore, good-practice examples from the Alps will be presented in each fact sheet and will show that connectivity measures do work. These good examples will motivate the stakeholders to imitate them. 

The printable pdf version of the fact sheets on nature protection, agriculture, transports, landscape planning, water management and forestry are already available for download at: www.alpine-ecological-network.org.

ALPARC - The Alpine Network of Protected Areas

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